Quality Control

The diverse requirement in today’s oil and gas systems must be safety and economic demands. In response to these standards, the MQS offers technical services in the field of welding, testing, welders training, installation works and construction supervision with internationally recognized norms. The nature of the products and services provided by the MQS company places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability and quality. Our Quality Policy envisages to supply products and services, which meet to the highest standard of quality, that comply strictly with our Clients’ expectation. The company is committed to encouraging and supporting each one in our team in their pursuit of continuous quality improvement and attainment of the objective every time.

The main objective of each employee in our company shall be to strive constantly to improve the level of our services and quality of products, to better meet the requirements of every customer, both internal and external. To this end, the company is aiming for an assessment and registration an own Quality Management System that shall be used as a minimum base for ever-lasting improvement. MQS is proud to have achieved ISO by ABS for its commitment to health and safety and believes it is the first Azeri company to have gained this prestigious award.