The fabrication shop is divided into the following areas:

Fabrication shop 1 – has an area of 4,320 m2 and 4 x 14 ton overhead cranes.

Fabrication shop 2 – has an area of 7,350 m2 and 5 x 10 ton overhead cranes.

Exotic metal shop – has an area of 750 m2 and 1 x 10 ton overhead crane.

The shop contains a 3 story offices complex for engineering personnel, shower room, locker room and toilets. The fabrication shop has a new ventilation system and recent checks by the State Hygiene Inspection Agency.


MQS has developed experience and expertise in the following fields of fabrication & construction:

  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex/super duplex pipework fabrication
  • Glass Reinforced Epoxy pipework fabrication.
  • High Density Polyethylene pipe-work fabrication
  • In Service Welding / Hot Tapping
  • Blasting & painting
  • Steelwork and pipework installation services both onshore & offshore
  • Warehouse construction

Capacity of MQS Fabrication Facility:

  • Structural Steel – 400 tons / month
  • Carbon Steel Pipe work – 500 Dia*inch / Day
  • Stainless Steel Pipe work – 200 Dia*inch / Day
  • FRP/GRE Pipe work – 500 joints / month
  • Blasting and Painting – 4000 m2 / month


MQS has fabricated a wide range of structural components from pipe supports to complex structures in a variety of materials from local uncertified steel to high grade steels, stainless steel and aluminum.

MQS has a CNC plate profile cutting machine capable of handling plates up to 3.5 meters wide, 16 meters long and 300 mm thick. We also own an air operated guillotine capable of cutting plates up to 6 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 20 mm thick.

Plate rolling equipment is available for plates up to 3 meters wide and 40 mm thick.


MQS has a complete range of welding procedures for pipework and have the capability to fabricate pipework in all grades of carbon steel, duplex, super duplex, stainless steel, copper / copper alloys and aluminum.

Pressure testing equipment is available to test up to 690 bar.