Health, Safety & Environment

We encourage suggestions for realizing our health and safety objectives to create a safe working environment with a zero accident rate.

The MQS Company is committed to the well being of it’s employees, customers, subcontractors and others who come into contact and may be affected by our operations. Likewise, we are committed to the protection and improvement of the environment in which we operate.

The establishment of our policies and objectives for quality management, environment, health and safety ensures at management level, that policy requirements are effectively changed into ambitious, yet realistic, goals and criteria that we can measure our performance and seek to make improvements from where we stand today. When applying the principles of continuous improvement we seek to further advance our goals and criteria to achieve sustainable development and incorporate risk management to health, safety and the environment issues. Whilst adopting a life-cycle approach wherever practicable and applying it to the development of our products we can minimize negative impact, maximize efficiency and measure added value. All levels of our line-management structure give equal importance to health, safety and environment objectives as to our other business and operating objectives.

Accordingly, we strive to operate our business both responsibly and successfully. We establish any training needs and ensure the training programme is adequately funded to meet our requirements. MQS is proud to have achieved OHSAS 18001-1999 by ABS for its commitment to health and safety and believes it is the first Azerbaijan company to have gained this prestigious award.